“AI will look at us like we look at ants on the side of the

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You aren an asshole if you decide not to go, but just take the time to cherish the moments you spend with your parents. You wont get that chance a lot of the time as you get older. 4 points submitted 1 day ago. Many people have died because Sanders is a coward. (Still better than Trump and was overwhelmingly more capable of beating trump than Clinton. If you were not watching MSM) Many more will, if Mueller is too.I don think the implications of the Mueller investigation is quite comparable to endorsing Trump Democratic opponent in the general election instead of launching a spoiler 3rd party campaign that certainly would have failed.So no Sanders is not responsible for Trump, the people who didn vote in this country are DIRECTLY responsible for Trump and everything he does.

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I did not have many expectations going into Conflict but I wanted to at least try it out. I surprised myself when I hopped in and wasn instantly melted while my bullets barely tickled my enemy. Normalization is the best thing to happen to Division PVP.

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