No one comes to your side, no one wants to hear it, deal with

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In short, Wilson was right to be skeptical, and his views haven’t really changed even though the S 500 rebounded to 2,891 on Monday. His year end forecast is still 2,750, and his reasoning is sound. As Wilson puts it, the recent gains were mainly due to the notion that bad economic news would be good for riskier assets by forcing the Fed to put its rate hike plans on hold.

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Okay, back to the crazy part. There are cases where sedation has worn off, and patients who were still being operated on but paralyzed could feel the cuts of surgery. I had Versed for my dental surgery. People can tend to have immediate reactions that challenge their worldview that are negative. I remember when I was younger and didn’t drink, it really made people uncomfortable when I would turn down alcohol. They felt like I was judging them for drinking, when I really didn’t care what they did.

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